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‘An extra 3 years’ project
For healthcare professionals
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Using new technologies to innovate in home care allows elderly people to stay in their own homes (individual or group) for as long as possible.

  • A service for your patients and residents that sets you apart

  • Individual management of elderly people to support those experiencing frailty

  • Optimised intervention of home care participants

  • Stronger social ties with access to apps for users and carers

  • Reassurance for relatives

  • Detection of falls to make the home as safe as possible

  • Remote assistance service

Our expert systems learn about the individual’s lifestyle and send out an alert in the event of any deviations, thereby helping to prevent frailty.
All the data collected is analysed by expert systems that send notifications and alerts where appropriate.


NoviaCare is a preventive companion ‘plug & play’ solution made up of a separate main box and sensors installed in every room in the house. It works without an Internet connection. This discrete and stand-alone system learns about the individual’s lifestyle and looks after their welfare, allowing them to stay in their own home for as long as possible.


CareLib is a precision solution that provides individual management and improves cooperation among home care participants. This solution allows families to keep in touch with the frail individual through its connection to a dedicated social network.

Comparaison NoviaCare et CareLib

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