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carre11 Privacy policy

This privacy policy applies only to Pharmagest Interactive, and its websites and applications. Submitting your information allows us to provide you with a high-quality service that meets your needs, whether in content, organisation or sharing.

Through this page, you will find information on:

– Cookies (data trackers);

– Data collected and its use;

– Your browser settings.

In the interests of transparency, we will clarify the term ‘cookie’, which is required to understand the following document.

22 Cookies and external links

Cookies are small text files, stored by a website on your hard drive, that allow websites to work and to collect information on online activity. In particular, they allow the website to remember your preferences, settings and login details, or even to save your online purchases in your basket. The aim is to make future browsing easier. There are different types of cookies (non-exhaustive list):

– Targeted advertising cookies: these allow advertising content to be targeted to the user based on their interests, but also limit the number of ads displayed.

– Audience tracking cookies: the purpose of these cookies is to improve the user experience by helping us understand how users interact with our websites (most visited pages, applications used, etc.).

– Cookies for sharing on social networks: these cookies, from third parties, let you tell others, via the ‘share’ buttons, about content on our website and your opinion of it. The social network providing this type of app button may identify you through this button, even if you have not clicked on it during your visit to our website.

Indeed, some cookies allow the social network concerned to track your browsing on our website, simply because your account on the social network was activated on your device during your visit to our website.

We have no control over the process used by social networks to collect information on your visit to our website. Please refer to the privacy policies of these social networks. They should allow you to select some privacy preferences for these social networks, in particular by configuring your account settings for each of these networks.

Our website may contain ads or links to third-party websites that may collect your personal data when your click on the links concerned. Pharmagest Interactive cannot be held liable for their privacy policy or the use of this data.

33 Information collected

Pharmagest collects various types of information in order to work effectively and to provide you with the best possible products, services and experiences. When you fill in a form on our website, we collect data such as:

  •     your email address
  •     your full name
  •     your gender
  •     the name of your pharmacy or company
  •     your postcode
  •     your town
  •     your region
  •     your telephone number
  •     your interests
  •     information on your request

44 Use of data

We also use your personal data with your consent. You authorise Pharmagest to share your data with our subsidiaries and service providers.

Information collected from forms on the website is stored in a computer file by Pharmagest to provide information to the internet user and promote our products, in particular through newsletters, emails and answers to your questions.

Information is stored until consent is withdrawn and is intended for use by the Pharmagest marketing department.

Pursuant to the ‘Data Protection’ Act, you can exercise your right to access and correct data about you by contacting the CIL [Data Protection Officer] at the following address:

We would like to inform you that there is a call opt-out list called ‘Bloctel’, which you can sign up to here:

carre11 Browser privacy settings

You can change your privacy settings and block cookies at any time. To do this, just follow the instructions for your browser:

Internet Explorer – Browser settings to block cookies

– Click on ‘Tools’, then select ‘Internet Options’.

– Click on the ‘Privacy’ tab at the top of the window.

– Move the cursor up or down to select which cookies you want to block.

Please note that if you block cookies, you risk being unable to log in or use other interactive features that depend on these cookies.

Internet Explorer – Browser settings to delete cookies

If you accept cookies, you can delete them later. For example, in Internet Explorer 11, you can delete cookies by following the steps below:

– Click on ‘Tools’, then select ‘Internet Options’.

– In the ‘General’ tab, under ‘Browsing history’, click on the ‘Delete’ button.

– In the pop-up window, tick the box next to ‘Cookies and website data’.

– Click on the ‘Delete’ button.

Please noted that if you delete cookies, the settings and preferences managed by these cookies will be deleted and must be recreated if necessary.

Mozilla Firefox – Browser settings to block cookies

– Click on the ‘menu’ button and select ‘Options’

– Select the ‘Privacy’ panel.

– In the ‘History’ section, for the ‘Storage rules’ option, select ‘use custom settings for history’.

– Tick the box ‘Accept cookies’ to activate cookies, or untick it to deactivate them.

– Select ‘Never accept third-party cookies’ to deactivate them completely.

If after exploring this setting, you notice that you can no longer view some of your websites correctly, an immediate solution is to allow cookies from websites you have already visited.

Mozilla Firefox – Browser settings to delete cookies

– At the top of the Firefox window, click on the ‘Firefox’ button, scroll through the ‘History’ menu, then select ‘Delete recent history’.

– On the ‘Time range to clear’ drop-down menu, select ‘everything’.

– Click on the arrow next to ‘Details’ to display the items included in the history.

– Tick the ‘Cookies’ box and make sure the items you want to keep are not selected.

– Click on ‘Delete now’ to delete all cookies and close the ‘Delete recent history’ window.

Instructions for other browsers are available in each browser’s privacy policy.

22 Google Analytics

This website uses Google Analytics, a web analytics service provided by Google Inc. You can prevent cookies being stored by selecting the appropriate settings in your browser. However, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that in this case, you may not be able to use all the features of this website.

Data collected through cookies allows us to:

– Compile audience statistics to better understand your preferences, and therefore improve the content and user-friendliness of our websites.

– Tailor and improve the display of our websites according to the type of device, language or browser used.

– Make future visits to our website easier, for example by remembering some information when you fill in our forms.

When you browse our website, we collect data such as:

– Browsing data: pages viewed, number of visits, visit length, etc.

– Demographic data: age range, gender, country of connection, language spoken

– Interests: categories of affinity, market segments

– Technical data on your connection: type of device, operating system, browser used, etc.

Please note that data collected is anonymous and does not allow us to identify you.

Using this information, we can implement solutions to make browsing our websites more enjoyable.

If you would like to prevent your data being used by Google Analytics, please download the browser add-on to deactivate Google Analytics, available on this page:

33 Questions and contact

For any questions on Pharmagest Interactive’s privacy policy, please contact the marketing department :