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You want individual support and that’s what we’re here for!

There are significant disparities in medication distribution network operation in nursing homes: problems with traceability, safety, hygiene, and administration and delegation methodology.

Our staff are on hand to implement your projects in an environment where there are as yet no regulations on PDAs and there is considerable pressure from regional health agencies (ARS). We provide you with solutions to trace your medication administration records.

We help you tackle your key challenges:

  • Secure packaging
  • Medication traceability
  • Business productivity
  • Secure medication network

Save time and boost productivity with our pill dispensers

MultiMeds, the pactical solution for nursing homes

The patient’s name, the name of the medication, the batch number and the expiry date are safety features written on each pill dispenser to enable patient identification and full traceability of the medication.

  • Secure administration of medication

  • Full traceability of the network

  • Practical storage in trolleys and easy patient identification

Pilulier MultiMeds

MultiMeds provides your staff with a ready-to-use pill dispenser, sealed and prepared by pharmacy staff.

Logiciel Titan PDA utilisé dans les Ehpads

The TITAN PDA app, connected to the MULTIMEDS pill dispenser solution, makes life easier for nurses

In partnership with MALTA INFORMATIQUE, a medical software publisher that has already equipped over 1,700 nursing homes with its TITAN software.

  • Improved comfort and security in your practice

  • Spend more time with patients

  • Easy to use through a simple browser : a single Wi-Fi connection point is enough