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Therapeutic Patient Education


Thanks to our expertise in new technologies, our experience in app development and information gathered by conducting medical testing, we are able to design and implement innovative healthcare systems. Our expertise and server infrastructure allow us to develop apps with state-of-the-art security.

eNephro,  a device for managing chronic kidney disease

The ongoing medical and economic study of eNephro aims to prove that a telemedicine system is more efficient (cost-effective) than traditional management, at all stages of the disease.

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  • Improves quality of life and safety of care

  • Facilitates cooperation among healthcare professionals

  • Encourages communication between patients and their healthcare team

  • Frees up time for staff in the nephrology department

  • Educates patients and encourages them to participate in the management of their condition

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Therapeutic Patient Education

Therapeutic Patient Education (TPE) is a recent approach to patient management. Indeed, the World Health Organization (WHO) recognised TPE in 1998. The French National Authority for Health issued recommendations to healthcare staff in 2007, and the French law on Hospital, Patients, Health and Territories was passed in 2009.
Therapeutic education aims to help patients acquire or maintain the skills they need to manage life with a chronic condition. Therapeutic education helps improve the patient’s health and their quality of life.

Logiciel ETP Pilot

ETP Pilot, simplifies and facilitates the management of therapeutic education programmes

At the regulatory level, TPE programmes must be authorised for implementation by the ARS [regional health agency] (file). They must be coordinated by a doctor, another healthcare professional or an authorised patients’ association representative. They must be implemented by at least two healthcare professionals.
Programmes must be designed by a healthcare professional, learned society or patients’ association.
A minimum of 40 hours’ training is required to deliver TPE; therefore, the healthcare professionals authorised to deliver a TPE programme are doctors and allied health professionals (pharmacists, registered nurses, registered physiotherapists, dieticians, speech therapists, personal care professionals, etc.), subject to training.

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