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For patients
For pharmacists
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Provide information about the treatment and make sure the medication is taken as prescribed

Ma Pharmacie Mobile, inform patients that their treatment is available

With the patient’s prior consent, they are automatically sent an SMS through the My Mobile Pharmacy app when their treatment arrives at the pharmacy. The patient can ask their pharmacist to make a medication entry on their calendar and be alerted to take their medication at the right time every day.

Do-Pill, no more medication errors !

The DO-Pill electronic pill dispenser is provided by pharmacists each week. The patient receives an audio and visual alert every time they need to take their medication. An alert system can be set up for carers and families as well as the pharmacist, who can use it to make a regular assessment of whether the patient is complying with treatment.

Give clear information about your medications

e-Learning, train pharmacy staff

On our e-learning platform integrated directly into the LGPI, pharmacy staff can improve their knowledge of conditions, medications and counter patient management

Data Pharmagest

Notifications, provide patients with information at the counter

The patient is informed on the correct use of the product and receives additional information on their treatment through information messages displayed in the LGPI at the time of issue. The pharmacist takes an advisory approach and makes sure the patient takes the medication as prescribed.

  • Make sure your products are used correctly

  • Encourage your patients to follow your treatments

  • Demonstrate the value of the pharmacy’s work

Offices and Information Centres

Collection of health data, prove the effectiveness of your products

Tackle new market access and market maintenance challenges by proving that your medications are effective. We provide you with real-life health data to facilitate healthcare decision-making. We have a certified data centre for this purpose, which authorises us to manage and store all anonymised information relating to personal health data.

changes in product sales

Impact studies, measure the ROI of your campaigns

Every campaign carried out by Pharmagest includes an assessment :

  • Sell-out of your products
  • Number of times your communications were displayed in various formats
  • Profile of patients reached

Information centre, optimally analyse your market

Creation of a data centre and business data tracking (sell out, sell in, PDM, patient profile, etc.) from more than 9,000 pharmacies equipped with LGPI.

carte FR

Help non-compliant patients to understand and take control of their treatment

LSO, compliance tracking software, integrated into the LGPI : automatic detection of non-compliant patients

Support pharmacy staff in managing non-compliant patients by providing them with tools to encourage longitudinal monitoring :

  • Pharmaceutical consultations
  • Consultation assessments
  • Taking vital signs
  • Advice sheets
  • Individual monitoring plan, etc.
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