From 1 to 15 June 2018 , for the 7th National Diabetes Prevention Week, Pharmagest in association with the French Diabetes Federation (FFD) invited you to take part in a prevention campaign.

Objective of this campaign: to raise awareness among the general public of diabetes and its consequences, and to encourage them to make responsible lifestyle choices.

From 2 to 9 June, you were given the opportunity to provide people visiting the pharmacy with information on their risk of type 2 diabetes through a quick online test (called FINDRISC) recommended by the HAS [French National Authority for Health] and approved by French health bodies including the Department of Health.


5577 pharmacies took part in the campaign.
1063 people agreed to take the questionnaire at 586 pharmacies.
Of those surveyed, 35% were over 65, 60% were women and 40% were men.
  • 27% of people had a low risk of developing type 2 diabetes and 35% had a slightly higher risk.
  • 17% should watch their diet and level of physical activity.
  • 16% should not under-estimate their situation and should seek support from a healthcare professional.
  • For 5% of those surveyed, the risk of developing type 2 diabetes was high and the pharmacist advised them to make an appointment with their doctor.
34 % left with the results of their test and 37% with an advice sheet.



Founded in 1938, the French Diabetes Federation is a patient association run by patients, with a national headquarters in Paris and 88 independent federated associations, spread all over the country. It was awarded charitable status in 1976 and is approved by the Department of Health. With the support of its 1500 volunteers, it helps to improve quality of life for diabetics and their families, and to prevent the risks of diabetes and its complications.
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Le Monde Pharmaceutique is a website with videos made by pharmacists for pharmacists and their staff. This free web TV service offers video training to improve the advice given by staff and boost their performance. It features counter case studies, reminders on diseases and medications, related advice, management and other issues addressed in pharmacies.
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