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Pharmacists involved in raising awareness among the general public



From 9 to 21 April 2018, for World Parkinson’s Disease Day, Pharmagest launched a campaign to provide information and raise awareness of the disease in partnership with the Association France Parkinson. 
Parkinson’s disease is progressive: some neurons have already gradually disappeared even before the first symptoms appear. Although treatment manages the symptoms, it cannot stop the progression of the disease – this is one of the main areas of research.
To raise awareness among the general public, pharmacists* have put together a quiz for people aged 50-65 who visit a pharmacy. At the end of the quiz, those who are interested are given an infographic on Parkinson’s disease.
*pharmacists equipped with LGPI [Integrated Portal Management Software]


  • 579 people agreed to take the questionnaire at 355 pharmacies.
  • The majority of these were women (64%).
  • The rate of correct answers to the questionnaire did not exceed 49% with only 20% of correct answers relating to the lesser-known symptoms of the disease.
  •  44% of those surveyed believe that patients are better integrated into society than they were 30 years ago.
  • An infographic was given to 99 people.
The Association France Parkinson was founded in 1984 by Professor Yves Agid, a neurologist who devoted much of his work as a clinician to research into Parkinson’s disease. The organisation, which was awarded charitable status in 1988, aims to encourage research and support patients and carers in their daily lives through local and national measures.
Since 2008, Pharmagest has invested in prevention and awareness-raising in pharmacies by carrying out campaigns to support pharmacists in giving advice. So far, 37 campaigns have been launched, with 63,777 patients surveyed, 5926 participating pharmacies and 12,688 patients screened.
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