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Launched in March 2013, the eNephro project was selected under the French Government’s second call for future e-health investment proposals, the goal of which is to find innovative medically and financially approved solutions for treating chronic conditions.

Offering a range of services and based on a broad partnership, the project is implementing a telemedicine system in three regions (Hauts de France, Grand Est and Nouvelle Aquitaine) for treating patients with chronic kidney failure, regardless of the disease’s stage.

It is based on tools developed 10 years ago in Lorraine by Diatélic for the Néphrolor (managing patients in the early stages) and Altir (managing dialysis patients) networks. The project is expected to be completed in June 2019.

… 1 study

As part of the project, a medical and economic study aims to prove that the eNephro system is more efficient (cost-effective) than traditional management, at all stages of the disease.

Bringing together the Regional University Hospitals of Nancy, Bordeaux and Lille and the non-profit organisations ALTIR and AURAD Aquitaine, the eNephro study tracks 635 patients with chronic kidney disease over 12 months. Patient enrolment is now complete, and the final results are expected in 2019.

… 2 interfaces

The eNephro software creates a longitudinal, shareable and dynamic digital file and uses Artificial Intelligence to manage patients via a medical device. Its objectives are to:

Improve patient health and quality of life
Reduce the costs of managing the disease (potential reduction in unplanned hospitalisations and consultations)

This software has two interfaces, one for healthcare professionals and another for patients, as well as multiple features and many benefits:

Improves the quality and safety of care
Facilitates cooperation between healthcare professionals
Encourages communication between patients and their healthcare team
Frees up time for staff in the nephrology department
Educates patients and encourages them to participate in the management of their condition.

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