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Appeal to pharmacists to make people aware of the risks




For World Kidney Day on 10 March and in partnership with the Ligue Rein et Santé organisation, for the fifth year in a row, Pharmagest called on pharmacists to help with a new information and awareness campaign on chronic kidney disease from 5 to17 March 2018.






raise awareness among at-risk individuals, pharmacists surveyed those over 60 being treated for arterial hypertension and/or diabetes and/or obesity who visited the pharmacy using a short questionnaire integrated directly into their software*. An advice sheet was given to those who requested one at the end of the questionnaire.
*pharmacists equipped with LGPI [Integrated Portal Management Software]

    • 3271 pharmacies took part in the campaign and 2017 people (the majority of whom were women: 56%) agreed to take the questionnaire at 950 pharmacies.
    • The majority of these people were aged between 60 and 70.
    • 64% of people had had a urine or blood test within the last year and 90% regularly took their blood pressure.
    • 28% had a family history of kidney disease or diabetes and 31% said they had high cholesterol.
    • Analysis of the questionnaires shows that 74% of those surveyed had at least one risk factor for developing chronic kidney disease in addition to age

    Pharmacists printed a sheet with advice on diet and lifestyle for a third of those surveyed.



The Ligue Rein & Santé has charitable status under the law of 1901. Founded by affected patients, the organisation runs information and awareness campaigns for the general public on the risks and treatment of kidney disease. Focusing on kidney disease and diabetes, the organisation has worked for six years to provide free information on the risks linked to kidney disease (nephrology and diabetology) to those who request
Since 2008, Pharmagest has invested in prevention and awareness-raising in pharmacies by carrying out campaigns to support pharmacists in giving advice. So far, 36 campaigns have been launched, with 62,628 patients surveyed, 5872 participating pharmacies and 12,227 patients screened.
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