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About the e-Health division

Pharmagest created the e-Health division in 2012 to encourage cooperation among professionals. Aim: To provide secure, connected, patient-focused solutions to healthcare professionals.

With this in mind and building on our expertise in healthcare solutions, we help our partners to:

  • Develop digital communications in their pharmacies
  • Benefit from our interactive platforms and patient management mobile apps
  • Find innovative telemonitoring solutions based on artificial intelligence to improve medical management and support diagnosis
  • Access the Internet of Things used by French people in their daily lives
  • Host and safeguard their personal health data on our approved platform (HDS)

Our ranges

Digital communication at the pharmacy

  • 15 years of industry expertise

  • 80 partner laboratories

Treatment management

  • 680 DO-Pill in projects, including those sold directly by pharmacists

  • 98% compliance with the DO-Pill

  • 4 000 pharmacies using the LSO

  • 200,000 downloads of the My Mobile Pharmacy app

Smart home

  • Over 60 homes fitted

  • Winner of 3 Fimbacte Gold Awards in 2016

Patient management and telemedicine

  • Over 15 years of expertise through patented systems

  • 850 patients managed by 2019 as part of the eNephro study

Our subsidiaries

Pharmagest Group

Creator of comprehensive IT solutions for Pharmacy

The Welcoop Cooperative is a unique pharmacist cooperative, founded 80 years ago, that is now inventing the pharmacy of the future.

With over 12,000 customers and 1900 employees, this modest cooperative has become an outstanding think tank.

The Pharmagest Group, a subsidiary of the Welcoop cooperative, is now a recognised expert in pharmacy computer solutions in France and a creator of innovative patient-centred solutions.
We have been offering services and software solutions to pharmacies for over 30 years. Our close relationship with pharmacists allows us to develop an ambitious and visionary market strategy.

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